HELIX® ID Track Rings

Constructed for consistant weld head travel.

Being a welding expert means knowing that the equipment assigned to the job site is rugged and extremely durable, whether it’s for plate or pipe. Lincoln Electric’s HELIX® track is available in three types: flat, orbital outside (OD) and orbital inside (ID).

The steel-constructed tracks are engineered to allow easy movement of a weld head with minimal adjustment. The tracks can also sustain a wide range of temperatures, which is important when working with preheated pipe or in harsh environments. Quick-release latches (OD tracks) and simple bolts (ID tracks) make assembly and dismantling fast and easy in the field or in the shop.

All orbital track rings can be fitted with shoe extensions of various sizes, allowing for a single track ring to cover a range of different pipe sizes.

Top Features

  • Industrial-grade construction
  • Gear-driven, spring-loaded system for stable, consistent travel of the weld head eliminating gear slip