APEX® 3 and HELIX® M Series equipment
for Mechanized Welding

Innovative technology that’s highly adaptable and easy to operate.

For mission critical orbital welding applications, you can trust the APEX® 3 Series Control Systems from Lincoln Electric. Our APEX 3 Series orbital welding solution establishes one platform for multiple welding processes with quality assurance and extremely precise welding controls for FCAW, GMAW, GTAW and Hot Wire GTAW welding in fixed and out-of-position applications, and ease of use second to none.

From Application to Product, How Can We Help You?

Hundreds of companies worldwide trust Lincoln Electric for their orbital MIG and TIG welding applications across multiple industries. That means you can trust us, too.

Complete line of mechanized welding solutions

We have developed a full line of mechanized welding solutions that cover a variety of welding applications.  From GMAW or FCAW configured systems all the way to Hot Wire GTAW solutions for both straight track and orbital applications.

Need a system for a specific task?

We can tailor systems to exact customer needs.  Please give us a call and we can create a turnkey system based on your exact needs.

With the advancements in digital controls new opportunities can be realized.  Historically when you wanted to advance equipment capabilities you had to develop everything before you sold the initial unit.  Now we can continue to improve a product over the full product life cycle.  With this capabilities we can now offer automated capabilities within a strong equipment foundation.  As capabilities are improved they are only a simple software upgrade away.

APEX® Auto Height

Take your heat input control to the next level.  With Lincoln Electric APEX Automatic Height Control you can now know that your process control are actually working.  We have developed the next generation of height control that works with multiple process types allowing the system to weld as it would natively.  Height can be controlled by amps in most wire process and volts in TIG processes.

With all of this advanced capability we have also simplified the settings to allow you to focus on your production vs struggling with how to get it to work.

Key Details

  • No external sensors required
  • Improved tracking to allow a more reactive control when transiting across dramatic changes in surface distance while not over shooting when minor offsets are detected.
  • Available in all APEX 3 series platform equipment which are designed to drive the HELIX M series weld heads

APEX® Auto Sector

Reduce your risk of welding with the wrong values at the wrong time with APEX Auto Sector.  When Weld settings are critical between success and failure you need a system that will provide repeatability at a new level.  Utilizing a built in inclinometer APEX Auto Sector provides the needed functionality to make this happen.

Key Details

  • Works for double up, double downs, and 360 degree welding.
  • Can change any aspect of the welding process on the fly.
  • Has up to 1 degree of resolution
  • All settings can be preprogrammed as needed.
  • Settings are ramped during between sectors to allow seamless transitions.
  • Reduced operator fatigue and risk of missing a setting at a critical time
  • Available in all APEX 3 series platform equipment which are designed to drive the HELIX M series weld heads.

APEX® AutoPilot

Get ready to transform large manual or mechanized welding applications for orbital pipe, structural, shipbuilding, and more. With the APEX AutoPilot, you can eliminate bottlenecks, reallocate labor more effectively and increase overall production speed on large, multi-pass longitudinal and vertical welds.

APEX AuotPilot allows you to remove the operator from sequential welds allowing them to improve work conditions or to do other tasks.

Key Details

  • Easily offset next pass by just steering to where you want the next weld bead to be
  • Can playback the recorded track in either direction to improve efficiency
  • Built in wire loss detection to prevent weld defects
  • Supports automatic stopping at the end of the track
  • Works with APEX Auto Height and Auto Sector

Multi Process Solutions

  • GMAW Solid Wire, Flux-Cored Wire, Metal-Cored Wire, GTAW
  • CV, Pulse, Power Mode, STT, GTAW-HW, AC, HW Laser
  • Steel, Stainless, High Alloy, Hard Facing, Aluminum

HELIX® M Series Weld Heads: Your Portable Welding Solution

The HELIX® M series is the next generation weld heads for mechanized welding.  Based on a digital platform the weld heads are Plug N Play and capable of a variety of welding solutions.  From small board pipe and tube to large bore pipeline and vessels and structural welding we have you covered.

APEX® 3 Series Controllers: A Welding System with a Superiority Complex

From construction to process piping, your orbital welds are subject to an exceptionally high standard of quality and productivity. Calibration at the front end of the process can be challenging and time consuming. Our APEX® 3 series welding system built on the Power Wave® technology meets the challenge. Our intuitive, lightweight pendant offers a large color screen, and easy to navigate buttons and switches which help to provide our customers the lowest learning curve in the industry.