Innovative technology that’s highly adaptable and easy to operate.

The APEX® 3 Series Ready-Paks® may be the most adaptive welding systems on the planet. Our engineers have designed these digital systems with an intuitive controller that transforms data into action. The pendant architecture can be modified from GMAW to GTAW and Hot Wire GTAW and is easy to learn and use. Each Ready-Pak welding system also has a multi-process component structure that can be easily upgraded when new welding applications are required.

All APEX 3 Series GMAW Welding and GTAW systems are built upon Lincoln Electric’s Power Wave® platform. Their robust design and leading-edge weld technology delivers weld performance and quality you can count on.


  • Power Supplies
     Two Power Wave® power supplies are currently offered for the APEX 3 line of products, each featuring worldwide support and availability of parts and expert service.
  • Controllers
    Designed to deliver either TIG or MIG capabilities, each controller is the command center for the welding operation.
  • Weld Heads
    Both rugged and highly sophisticated, the HELIX® M85, M45, and M627 weld heads work in concert with the controller to methodically produce precise, repeatable welds.
  • Options
    Employing various options such as torches and onboard wire feeders enable the welds to be made in different ways, in different environments, and on different materials.

APEX 3 Series Ready-Pak systems can be configured for MIG, TIG and Hot Wire TIG. The basic components of these track-based welding systems are the mechanical peripherals that make each system work: the power source, controller, weld head, and delivery option – plus a lot of software.

Employing various options such as torches, torch holders and onboard wirefeeders enables the welds to be made in different ways, in different environments, and on different materials. The number of options that can be used with the APEX 3 product line continues to grow with the myriad ways the system is being deployed.

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