APEX® 30M Controller

One platform, multiple solutions.

The APEX® 30M is the second generation of our APEX 3 Series platform of control systems. Taking all of the same robustness and functions of the APEX 3000 controller, the APEX 30M offers the same extremely precise welding controls in a package suitable for portability around the shop or in the field. The APEX 30M Controller is geared primarily for GMAW / FCAW processes, but can be configured for GTAW processes as well.

As with all of the APEX 3 Series controllers and HELIX® M Series weld heads, the Power Wave® platform the systems are built on is a digital platform reducing product obsolescence, allowing a longer service life for the equipment, and offers future enhancements to the operation and welding technologies / processes as they become available.

Unlike the APEX 3000 controller and separate wire feeder, the APEX 30M suitcase style controller incorporates a covered area housing our robotic feeder wire feeder, based on the AutoDrive® 4R220, and spool holder, allowing quick and easy setup at the work-site. Weighing in at less than 50 lbs. (23 kg) with a convenient handle on top, makes the APEX 30M extremely mobile. To reduce the hassle needed to transport the controller to the welding area, there are only three umbilical’s needed to connect the controller to begin welding, i.e., an ArcLink® Cable to the Power Wave power source, weld cable and a gas hose (if the process requires it). To complete the setup, our APEX 3 Series Pendant, a HELIX M Series Weld Head and Magnum® PRO torch is connected to the front of the APEX 30M–and you’re ready to weld.