Gas Flow Monitor

Precisely measures flow rates of welding shielding gases using the state of the art MEMS flow sensor with OLED graphic display

The GFM™ has 6 selectable gas settings, ARGON, Argon/ CO2 (90/10), Argon/ CO2 (80/20), Argon/ CO2 (75/25), Helium, and CO2. The GFM™ can be custom ordered and configured for additional gas mixturess.

A flow rate (5 to 255 SCFH) is digitally displayed with a 1 SCFH resolution.  The accuracy of the 3% of full scale reading on the GFM™ is considerably better than conventional ball type flow meters.

The GFM™ can be installed in-line, downstream of the gas regulator for permanent installations, and is available in a battery powered configuration with a rubber cone for testing gas flow at the welding torch nozzle throughout the shop.

  • When fully charged, the battery operated version operates for up to 24 hours
  • Capability to limit test, provide an accumulated gas usage and peak flow rates as well as displaying on-going gas flow rates.
  • The unit also provides an analog output voltage representing measured gas flow rates.
  • The GFM also has a Modbus® RS-485 serial port. The sensor can communicate with third party controllers via the Modbus® protocol. The sensor defines 16 coils and 10 Registers for use with the Modbus® serial port.
  • The GFM uses an OLED graphic display panel to display the gas flow rates, to provide programming menus and user defined optional parameter display.
  • The GFM is software configurable for English or Metric units of measure with 6 user selectable gas types.
  • The convenience and accuracy of the GFM enables this welding tool to pay for itself many times over
  • The in-line version is designed to be permanently installed in a welding fixture to continuously monitor the gas flow rate
  • The portable version can be used to check the gas flow rate directly at the welding torch
  • An internal fault relay can be used to warn or interrupt the welding process if an out-of-limits condition is detected
  • Provides gas “Sure-Flow” switch capability for Robotic and Automatic Weld Fixtures
  • Reduces gas usage by allowing proper setting of the gas flow rates at the nozzle
  • Reduces costly weld repairs by assuring proper gas flow rates

Product Models

GFM Portable System – P/N: A0A0161
MSRP $840

GFM – Gas Flow Monitor
Universal Power Supply
Hose Cone Assembly

GFM In-line System – P/N: A0A0162
MSRP $810

GFM – Gas Flow Monitor
Universal Power Supply
Barbed Hose Fittings